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    Why read over the summer?

    While the brain freeze you may get from a popsicle may not last long, putting your brain on a reading freeze for the whole summer can have harmful effects. Research shows that students who read over the summer come back to school with improvements in reading and writing. Students who do not read, though, can take their skills backward as much as three months!


    Ferry Farm Summer Reading Program

    To help keep our students on track and motivated to read and write, we are offering an incentive. Students who complete both requirements below will be invited to a party in September!


    1. Complete the Summer Writing Journal (see below)

    2. Read 8 books of your choice and record the titles on the Reading Log (see below)


    Return these forms to your teacher when school starts! Have a great summer and keep on reading!


    Kindergarten Summer Reading Packet 2018

    1st Grade Summer Reading Packet 2018

    2nd Grade Summer Reading Packet 2018

    3rd Grade Summer Reading Packet 2018

    4th Grade Summer Reading Packet 2018

    5th Grade Summer Reading Packet 2018


    Click here to watch a video on the importance of summer reading!

    FFES Eaglet Flight Training


    This information is for parents/guardians of upcoming kindergarten students. This presentation was given at our Eaglet Flight Training on May 31, 2018. It provides information on the academic expectations of kindergarten as well as suggestions for the summer!


    Click here to view the Eaglet Flight Training Presentation


    FFES Reading Center




    Our vision as a collaborative reading specialist team is to inspire a lifelong passion for literacy that empowers the entire school community to become effective, literate citizens who contribute to a productive and peaceful world.



    In order to inspire and empower the school community, our mission as elementary reading specialists is to align our efforts to actively and intentionally:

    -model and employ research-based best practices to deepen educators' literacy knowledge

    -develop our professional expertise

    -provide high-quality, meaningful literacy experiences for our students, teachers, and community

    -collaborate with colleagues to problem solve and think critically about responding to student data across the division



    Reading Center Staff



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