•  PE          Falmouth has two Physical Education teachers, Dennis Emerson and Maureen Pfahler. We wanted to take a few minutes to welcome back all of our new and returning students and families for the 2018-2019 school year!

         Every student will have PE twice a week for 45 minutes.  Please make sure that your child/children are dressed appropriately for maximum participation. We remind all our students as they prepare for class to remember proper footwear. If you could make a note of when your students have PE and make sure they wear tennis shoes, basketball sneakers, or something similar that provides support, traction, and stays on their feet, that would be great!  Please save crocs, sandals, boots, or dress shoes for non-PE days.

         We hope that everyone had a great summer! After we spend about half of the first day of PE going over rules, proper attire, and expectations for the upcoming year, we will jump right in to some team building activities to solidify the strong community foundation we aspire to set for the year.

         By the second week we will start a 6 week running program where we slowly work our way up to a 10 minute run. This is usually only part of one day a week so that we can also work on other skills and participate in other activities.  After the first month or so, we will also do our first round of required Physical Fitness tests with 4th and 5th graders. Whatever the activity may be, our goal is for students to give their best effort and try to improve a little each day! 

  • Intramural Activities shall return for 5th grade students! 

    One of the weekly activities our PE program has maintained is the earned privilege of participating in different sport and fitness related games prior to the 9:00am bell in our PE room.  The starting date and day of the week for this program is coming soon and we will update our annoucement in good time! Stay tuned and we will keep you posted!!!

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