Math Department

  • Welcome to the Hampton Oaks Elementary mathematics webpage!  At Hampton Oaks we are are striving to create a close community for all to develop as mathematical thinkers. Students and staff will encourage one another to make deeper sense of their own understanding, value the uniqueness of individual cognitive processes, and maintain a high level of curiosity about the world of mathematics.


    Every day, we strive to help students understand the content of mathematics: geometry, number and number sense, probability, statistics, algebra, and measurement.  We also teach through the process standards of mathematics: problem-solving, reasoning and proof, communication, and representation.  


    We hope you are able to find plenty of resources to support your students at home: activities you can do together, games you can play, and questions you can ask!

Math Department Staff

  • Julie Rhoads, Math Specialist

    Katie Hlywa, Math Coach

    Brenda Roth, Math Paraprofessional