Math Department Overview

  •  Additional Parent Resources for K-5 Mathematics 

    Keep your student engaged with Dream Box Learning.  Stafford elemenatry students are in the second year of working with Dreambox.  Dreambox offers a personalized K-8 math environment that combines a rigourous curriculum, a highly engaging environment, and adaptive learning technology to create personlized learning paths.  The software collects data on student responses and number of clicks to provide a learning pathway based on each child's individual needs.  Is important to make student goals of completing lessons rather than minutes of play.  Completed lessons allows the software to update learnig pathways.  Teachers may assign lessons to your child as well.  Assigned lessons are denoted by a blue & white notepad or calendar icon.  Students should choose thsoe lessons first and then make other choices.  Teachers are able to use their dreambox dashboard to check in on students completion of lessons as well as demonstrated understanding.

    Students log-in through SCPS Portal.

        Personalized Learning


    Origo   Visit Origo's Stepping Stones:   Parent Portal  or  At Home Channel

    Origo's Stepping Stones is our county's chosen textbook resource for mathematics instruction.  During this time of social distancing, Origo has created an AT HOME link for parents.  Parents and students can access without needing a log-in from this link.  You will find a short introductory video from the founder, James Burnett, about the stucture designed for at home learning and the mathematics approach you will see in the lessons.

    Once you select United States and then desired grade level, you will find lessons for the week focused on a selected learning target.  Check with your teacher to confirm the learning target is a review topic. The weekly structure is a follows:

    • Monday- Watch & Talk
    • Tuesday - Hands on Math
    • Wednesday - Problem Solving
    • Thursday - Game Day
    • Friday - Practice


    you cubed math resource from Stanford University

    "In these times of uncertainty, youcubed is here to help students at home continue to explore and learn maths in rich and creative ways. We are collecting here modified versions of our tasks to be more home-friendly, as well as some new explorations designed for learners at home."

    Stanford Univerisity's Jo Boaler is a renowned mathematics educator and creator of the math education site "youcubed". This site shares research based information and instructional activies for both teachers and families.  You can visit the youcubed parent page or recent addition of youcubed at home activites for rich and engaging math tasks. 

    example tasks:  

    How Close to 100? This task helps student build understanding of multiplication while building arrays to represent multiplication facts.

    How Close to 100


     Triangle Design K-2

    Triangle Design

    This activity makes space for the whole family to be creative! Together, create as many designs as possible using four isosceles triangles. You can print out the template or draw your own and cut them out.