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    Welcome to 2nd Grade at The Creek!

     Click the photo below to meet the 2nd Grade Teachers!

      2nd grade teachers in front of doors

         We are so excited that you are in second grade this year! It is going to be a fabulous year for all of us! Our Second Grade Team Consists of:

    Mrs. Angelo (Arctic Wolf Neighborhood)

    Mrs. Buscher  (Mexican Wolf Neighborhood)

    Mrs. Gresham (Arctic Wolf Neighborhood)

    Ms. Kell  (Mexican Wolf Neighborhood)

    Mrs. Melson (formerly Mrs. Droppleman) (Arctic Wolf Neighborhood)

    Mrs. Solis  (Red Wolf Neighborhood)


    Please be sure to check your teacher's webpage

    to stay informed about things!



  • Second Grade Contact Information:


    Contact Info


    Mrs. Buscher: buscherma@staffordschools.net

    Mrs. Melson: dropplemanck@staffordschools.net

    Mrs. Forrest: forrestdy@staffordschools.net

    Ms. Kell: kellke@staffordschools.net

    Mrs. Angelo: angeloml@staffordschools.net

    Mrs. Solis: solisaj@staffordschools.net