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Badge Request

The Badge Replacement and Correction Form is designed to assist current employees* in the management of your Stafford County Public Schools access badge. This form serves various purposes:

  • Lost or Replacement: If your badge is lost and needs replacement, or if you require a new one and the old badge needs deactivation.
  • Damage: In case your badge is damaged, such as being cracked, heavily scratched, or broken.
  • Information Update: If there are changes in your badge information, such as a name or title change, or if you'd like a new picture.
  • Access Issues: When your badge is malfunctioning and not granting access to the building or specific areas, and you're unsure why.
  • Access Modification: If you've changed locations and require additional or different access.

Completing this form ensures timely and accurate management of your access badge. Please provide specific details related to the issue you're experiencing or the change required. Our team will promptly address your request to ensure smooth and efficient access management for your convenience. *Please note, new hires do not need to use this form as their badge will be generated and sent to their base site automatically.

Complete the Form