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Virginia Licensure

Welcome to the Stafford County Public Schools licensure information page, where we prioritize maintaining high standards of professional competence for educators and school personnel in Virginia.

The foundation for licensure standards is outlined in § 22.1-298.1 of the Code of Virginia, assigning the Virginia Board of Education the responsibility of establishing licensure requirements through regulations.

Understanding the Conditions for Licensure and the Types of Licenses is crucial in meeting the qualifications necessary to teach or work in various roles within Stafford County Public Schools. To be employed as a teacher, candidates must possess a Virginia license or be eligible for one in the relevant teaching area before their effective employment.

At Stafford County Public Schools, the Office of Human Resources & Talent Development serves as a vital link between our educators and the Virginia Department of Education, Division of Teacher Education and Licensure. We facilitate and support our contracted teachers and other certificated school professionals in obtaining and maintaining valid licensure.

We're committed to assisting our educators in meeting licensure requirements, ensuring that our teaching staff is fully qualified and prepared to deliver exceptional education to our students. Explore our resources and reach out to us for any assistance or guidance related to licensure. We're here to support your journey as an educator within our school district.

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