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Stafford County Public Schools has a comprehensive counseling program to support students in achieving their academic, career, and personal goals. We work with students and their families to develop a meaningful post-secondary plan that aligns with the student’s academic and career goals. This begins in elementary school with exploration, followed by development of an academic and career plan in seventh grade, and continues through high school.

School counselors help students manage emotions and learn and apply interpersonal skills. They provide short term counseling to individuals and groups, and classroom lessons to support emotional development of students. 

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Stafford County Public Schools is dedicated to supporting the mental health and wellness of all students and staff, offering various resources and programs, including school counseling departments and assigned school psychologists and social workers, as outlined in our strategic framework.

Student Records

To ensure your educational journey remains documented, all student records, including special education and services (e.g., homebound, ELL, gifted/talented), are kept for five years after graduation, transfer, or withdrawal from Stafford County Public Schools, per Library of Virginia policy; please obtain copies before disposal if needed.

Student Registration

At Stafford County Public Schools, we warmly welcome all students, celebrating diversity and ensuring a discrimination-free environment based on race, color, creed, sex, religion, national origin, or disabling condition, while encouraging prompt enrollment for eligible students within the district boundaries.

2024-2025 Program of Studies

Our 2024-2025 Program of Studies provides a listing of available course offerings (required and
elective) and suggested sequencing. Students should discuss course selections with their school
counselor and parent/guardian(s).