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Student Code of Conduct

Welcome! We are pleased that you have chosen Stafford County Public Schools for your education experience.

We believe in learners, excellence, respect, community, and integrity. We want all students to be successful and prepared for their future. As members of our school community, our students have certain responsibilities. We need your help encouraging excellent attendance, behavior, and conduct so all can benefit from our comprehensive educational program and variety of extracurricular activities. The Stafford County School Board has adopted the Student Code of Conduct and Notices document to help us reach this goal. It details the School Board’s rules, the circumstances regarding suspension and expulsion, and the procedures related to disciplinary hearings. Virginia law requires that parents or guardians acknowledge receipt of these materials. An acknowledgment form is included in the packet of forms that you have received for your attention, signature, and return to the school. School Board policies are available on BoardDocs.

To view the student code of conduct in another format, please access ParentVUE/StudentVUE.