• The Stafford County School Health Program believes in the importance of each student maintaining optimum health, which in turn promotes utilization of the educational opportunities.  Maintaining a Registered Nurse position in each school health center reflects Stafford County's commitment to this goal.  The school nurses, directed by the Virginia Department of Education and the Virginia Department of Health, are dedicated to managing school health programs and supporting educational success through optimal student wellness.Save



Health Center Services

  • The following products have been approved for use by the School Health Advisory Committee and the Rappahannock Emergency Medical Services Council as first aid and illness treatments:

    • alcohol
    • antibiotic ointment
    • bactine
    • calamine lotion
    • chloroseptic spray
    • first aid cream
    • hand lotion
    • isotonic eye wash
    • saline contact solution
    • vaseline

    School nurses will do an assessment on students who visit the clinic, administer first aid as needed, and assist students in returning to class, ready to learn.  School nurses and building designees have protocols from a local physician and the Rappanhanock Area School Health TEAM for emergency medications for asthma episodes and severe allergic reactions which occur during the school day at the school site.  These emergency situations would involve 911 transport to an ER.

Disaster Preparation

  • Parents of students with individualized health care plans (IHCP's) are encouraged to bring in extra supplies in the event a school should  become a "shelter-in-place".  Parents, students, and school nurses need to discuss guidelines and expectations for extended or modified care as part of disaster preparation.   School nurses participate in disaster training and have some basic supplies, however this never replaces individualized preparation.




Student Wellness

  • Student wellness and healthy lifestyle choices are linked to academic success.  School nurses are in the unique position to foster students and staff daily with respect to these choices.  School nurses serve on a variety of school committees such as safety, nutrition, and wellness to promote healthy school environments.  Currently the nurses are  supporting the "Fit for Life" initiative of the School Health Advisory Committee to promote Healthy Classroom Foods and Fundraising.

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