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  • Ferry Farm ES Students Recognized for Dependability

    Posted by SCPS Communication at 6/5/2017

    The following Ferry Farm Elementary School students received recognition for “Dependability” in May: Sade Barbieri, Penelope Boelte Meyer, Hailey Burgess, Kasin Decatur, Georgia Detwiler, Isabelle DiBlasi, Layne Dickinson, Vanessa Donelson, Addison Everett, Kyra Gilley, Sara Gorham, Tylen Jaeger, Riordan Kneale, Anthony Innocenti, Garrett Montrief, Camden Nave, Logan Nichols, Evangeline Ofori, Hunter Payne, Ian Reed, Hadley Roberts, Myka Ruiz, Brandon Shaw, Makaylah Shevokas, Isabell Sipe, Carly Stone, Alyssa Surprenant, Isabella Velez, Alexus Wilson, and Jack Yealy. Congratulations to all.

    Submitted by Ferry Farm Elementary School

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  • Mountain View HS Students Excel at FCCLA Competition

    Posted by SCPS Communication at 5/19/2017

    Mountain View High School's Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) chapter attended the organization's Virginia State Leadership and Recognition Conference in April. Congratulations to MVHS FCCLA for being recognized as a gold level Outstanding Chapter. Additional congratulations go to the following students:

    • Mathias S. - Bronze Medal in Food Innovations
    • Lilly M. - Completed her year as a Virginia FCCLA state officer

    Submitted by Mountain View High School

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  • Mountain View HS Teacher Achieves Doctorate Degree

    Posted by SCPS Communication at 5/19/2017

    Congratulations to Cherise Hodge, Instructional Technology Resource Teacher at Mountain View High School, who recently earned a doctorate degree in Educational Leadership from Virginia Commonwealth University!

    Submitted by Mountain View High School

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  • Edward E. Drew, Jr. MS Students Explore Rappahannock River

    Posted by Samantha Bates at 5/17/2017

    On Monday, April 10 and Tuesday, April 11, seventh-grade students at Edward E. Drew, Jr. Middle School visited the Friends of the Rappahannock (FOR) for a field trip. The trip, paid for by a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency through the FOR, allowed students to collect and study samples to determine the overall health of the Rappahannock River.

    Using waders, students entered the river with the assistance of FOR facilitators to collect water samples, macroinvertebrates, and fish. The macroinvertebrates, or insect larvae, collected were then sorted and classified according to their ability to tolerate impurities in the water. Water samples were collected from the river and nearby canal to determine the water quality of each location. Students analyzed abiotic factors including temperature, turbidity, dissolved oxygen and pH.

    Students had the opportunity to rod and reel fish for shad and herring. The numbers and lengths of fish caught were recorded in a frequency table for further analysis. Students used microscopes to search for Protista, single-celled organisms living in the water.

    Facilitators introduced and explained the human impact on the Rappahannock using erosion boxes. Students explored how different surfaces can determine how much pollution enters the river through runoff, and the importance of a Riparian buffer. They discussed how their daily actions affect the river in both positive and negative ways.

    Based on the PH, dissolved oxygen levels, and the macroinvertebrates found, the students concluded that the Rappahannock River is in good to fair condition. They also realized their role in being good stewards to their watershed. “This field trip made me realize how much we do to the river,” shared one student.

    Back in the classroom, students analyzed their results and reflected on the trip. They compared their findings to the findings of Biology 102 students featured in the Free Lance-Star article, “Friends of the Rappahannock Programs Could Be in Jeopardy if EPA Cuts Pass,” which describes the similar field experience of Tamara Muldrow’s students at Germanna Community College. The article mentions some of the same macroinvertebrates encountered by DMS students, and also rates the water quality as good to fair. Through this article, DMS students also learned that several cuts are proposed for the EPA, which could hamper these programs in the future. The students wrote letters to the FOR, EPA and Congress:

    “Dear Friends of the Rappahannock,
    Our Drew Middle School field trip was really fun. I learned a lot through different activities. I was able to grow in my knowledge of how to test
    the water’s quality and what organisms grow in the water. My favorite station on this field trip was the macroinvertebrates because I was able
    to be really hands-on and discover stuff for myself.”

    “Dear EPA,
    Thank you for sponsoring our field trip. I really enjoyed our trip. I learned important things about our environment.”

    “Dear Congress,
    The Chesapeake Bay is an important body of water. It is home to many creatures. We need to keep the bay clean and non-polluted. If we don’t
    keep it clean it could go into our drinking water.”

    “Dear members of Congress,
    I don’t think that you should shut down funding for the Chesapeake Bay because the students that live in that area won’t be able to go and learn from the water using hands-on activities if the water quality is poor.

    Learning and discovering new things is important for the human brain, and without the Chesapeake Bay funding, the students will not grow in their understanding of how pollution affects the water and its ecosystem.”

    DMS Students   DMS Students

    Submitted by Edward E. Drew, Jr. Middle School

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  • Ferry Farm ES Students Recognized for Perseverance

    Posted by SCPS Communication at 5/12/2017

    The following Ferry Farm Elementary School students were recognized for “Perseverance” in March: Allissa Boswell, Jayden Chidester, Koby Fields, Josmar Gonzalez Martinez, Russell Gorham, Vance Gorham, Bianca Graziano, Dallison Hildenbrand, Khloie Hilt, Jaylan Hyman, Ahlay’ja Jackson, Elizabeth Jovanovic, Olivia Kenney, Madison Kolan, Michael Lapman, Gabriella Lopez, Ayana Malik, Kendall McAlister, Jacob Nduara, Carolyn Ott, Emma Paine, Simon Payne, Klaire Pillsbury, Morgan Similao, Tyrone Stewart, Jenna Stone, Alessa Swor, Teyla Wheeler, Audrey Woodard, and Emily Wright. Congratulations to all.

    Submitted by Ferry Farm Elementary School

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