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    Complete the Google form to request an appointment pass to come to the library during the lunch period. A pass may be requested for a library appointment time of [10:15 to 10:45] or from [10:45 to 11:15]. 

    On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, the library will be a quiet environment during the one-hour lunch. You need to bring academic work or a book to read. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the library will be a more open environment with freedom to socialize, work on maker activities, play board games, etc.

    Lunch trays or other food/drink are not allowed in the library spaces during one-hour lunch (with some special exceptions, such as for book club members attending a meeting, etc.). 

    You need to complete the request form for each day you wish to come to the library. You may submit a request for both appointment times, but receiving a pass for either or both times is dependent on the number of requests that day. The process is first come/first serve. Check your email for your appointment pass before coming to the library on the date you have requested.

    The library will allow students who have not received an appointment pass for one of the two 30-minute appointment periods to come by the library on a "drop-in/quick-visit basis. This means you can come to check out a book or ask a librarian a question, but you cannot find a seat and stay the remainder of the lunch period. These non-appointment pass visitors may be asked to wait before entering if numbers inside the library have reached the total allowed in the space at one time.

    We are so excited to welcome you back to school and back to your library! Hope to see you soon!!

    Welcome Back! The Books Missed You! 

Library Announcements

  • The Library is hosting its first ever Silent Reading Party on Dec. 16 (1Y) and Dec. 17 (3X). Sign up using the QR code on the flyer and join us for an amazing time of silent, but social, reading and snacks in the library.

    Silent Reading Party

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  • The annual VRChallenge is back! Check out all the details under the VRChallenge tab on the left of this page, and find out how you can pariticpate in reading some great books while having the opportunity to win fun prizes.

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