• Welcome to the Stafford High School Counseling Center!

    "The professional school counselor is a certified/licensed educator trained in school counseling with unique qualifications and skills to address all students’ academic, personal/social and career development needs. Professional school counselors implement a comprehensive school counseling program that promotes and enhances student achievement." (ASCA, The Role of the Professional School Counselor)


    Counselors advocate for students and families, assist students with scheduling, academic questions/concerns, college and career planning, and personal issues.  Students are assigned to a counselor according to their last name.  If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Valerie Bryant, Counseling Administrative Assistant, at 540-371-7200 Ext. 13131 or vbryant@staffordschools.net 


    Mrs. Tammy Marshall-(A-Ca) Ext. 13128 marshalltm@staffordschools.net

    Mrs. Nina Brown-(Ce-Ga) Ext. 13123  brownns@staffordschools.net                                             

    Mrs. Cathie Tobin-(Ge-Ko) Ext. 13125 tobinmc@staffordschools.net  

    Mrs. Tamara LaPonte-Director of Counseling (Kr-Or) Ext. 13130 lapontetb@staffordschools.net 

    Mr. Harry Mack-(Os-Sm) Ext. 13127 mackhm@staffordschools.net                                                   

    Mrs. Mary Worhatch-(Sn-Z) Ext. 13129 worhatchme@staffordschools.net                                        


    Ms. Jennifer Gilbert-School Psychologist (Ext. 13120)  gilbertjc@staffordschools.net   

    Mrs. Antaysia Thomas-Social Worker (Ext. 13122) thomasac@staffordschools.net   

    Mrs. Sherrie Ritchey-Registrar (Ext. 13133) ritcheysl@staffordschools.net 

    Mrs. Wendy Guthrie-Data Processor (Ext. 13132) guthriewt@staffordschools.net                                                      





    School counselors abide by the professional ethical standards of the Virginia/American School Counselor Association and the Virginia/American Counselor’s Association. School Counselors’ relationships with others comply with all laws, policies, and ethical standards pertaining to confidentiality. Information and records of personal and social counseling with students are kept confidential and separate from a student’s educational records and will not be disclosed to third parties without prior parent consent or as otherwise provided by law (Stafford County Public Schools).