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Bus Times 2019-20 School Year

New Bus Times for 2019-20

In response to the community’s request, Park Ridge Elementary School and Winding Creek Elementary School Principals will continue to pilot a transportation/school day schedule adjustment that begin in the fall of 2018. This pilot allows both schools to have one bus load in the morning and afternoon, rather than the current two load schedule at both schools.  Having one bus load offers many advantages, including:

- A more consolidated school day, with less time devoted to students waiting to begin or end the school day

- A larger window for teachers to participate in professional development and collaborative time with various grade levels and specialists before or after school, as they are not supervising students

- A more efficient way of transitioning students to and from their school day in a smaller interval of time

- Possibility of more parents choosing to have students ride the bus, due to a shorter gap between the beginning of the school day and the time waiting for instruction to begin/ bus to deliver home, which would in turn help with congestion for parent drop-off and pick-up 

Our previous bus drop-off and pick-up times for PRES was:

Drop-off:                                                               Pick-up:
8:30-9:00, Instruction beginning at 9:00                  3:40-4:20 
PRES Bus Times for 2018-2019:

PRES Drop-off:                                                      Pick-up: 
8:50-9:00, Instruction beginning at 9:10                  3:50-4:00

Stafford County Public Schools is committed to providing an excellent education for all students while making use of resources in the most efficient manner.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call 540 658 6320.