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SCPS Bus Practice for K-1 Students

                                        SCPS Practice for K-1 Students

SCPS Practice for K-1 Students


To ensure a safe transition from school to home, and to comply with Stafford County Social Services Guidelines, last year we began updating our practice for our youngest students.  We will continue with this practice in the year ahead. Please note: kindergarten and first grade students must be accompanied by an adult or older sibling in order to be released from the school bus. 


To assist you in making this a smooth process, we will be attaching white bands in order to tag kindergarten and first grade students.  This way, regular drivers, as well as substitute drivers, will have a quick way to identify students in kindergarten and first grade. These students will be called to exit the bus first (kindergarten students, then first graders), and the driver will be responsible for making eye contact and waving at the parent or adult who is waiting for the student.


If no adult (or older sibling) is there to accompany the kindergarten or first grader, students will be brought back to their school for a parent to pick up.