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Rent the Rocks!

Rent the Rocks

Rent the Rocks!

Paint your own custom design!

$25 for 1 Rock $45 for 2 Rocks $65 for 3 Rocks

  1. Check the calendar below for availability:

  2. Fill out the Rock Rental Request Form though the following link:

  3. Pay online on OSP (Online School Payments) through the following link: Stafford Middle School


After the above steps have been completed, a SMS staff member will contact you.  

*Administration must approve rock designs prior to painting*

After approval, custom designs will stay on the rocks for two weeks or until someone else rents them!


Tips for Painting from the Pros: 

  1. Clean the rocks well.

  2. Exterior latex paint or premium spray paint works best (Rustoleum, etc) vs. a generic store brand.

  3. 2-3 cans of spray paint should cover one rock for your base coat. You will probably need to spray it a few times for complete coverage.

  4. Once you have the base coat done, use chalk to sketch out your design. Try to do large shapes so that it’s easy to see from the road and so that you can use spray paint for most of it.

  5. Stand back from the rock to make sure you can see the design from there.

  6. Spray paint your large areas. If you mess up, use your base coat color to fix the mistake.

  7. For more detailed areas, use a can/tube of paint and a paintbrush. While outdoor latex is best, regular artists acrylic seems to work well too (even in rain).

  8. Make sure to bring paper towels to wipe any drips

  9. Bring a cup of water if you are using a paintbrush.

  10. Wearing rubber gloves will help keep your hands clean.

  11. Have fun!