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Hybrid Return to School Plan

The Hybrid Return Plan - Outline and frequently asked questions

Hybrid Student Schedule and A / B Groups

The hybrid return to school plan is an option for students to attend school in person two days per week beginning in early February.

Students who select this plan will be assigned to either group A or group B.

A group students will attend school in person on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and participate in virtual instruction Thursdays and Fridays.

B group students will attend school in person on Thursday and Friday and participate in virtual instruction on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Monday remains an asynchronous day.


Students who choose not to participate in the hybrid program will continue with 100% virtual instruction, having "live" remote instruction four days per week (Tuesdays - Fridays; Mondays will remain virtual.


School Hours

Beginning in Semester 2 the middle school hours will be adjusted from 10a.m. to 3pm to the new hours of 11a.m. - 4pm for both virtual and hybrid classes.


Our semester 2 middle school schedule bell schedule is tentatively

Block 1 -11-12:10

Block 2 & Lunch - 12:15-1:45

Block 3 - 1:55 - 2:55

Block 4 - 3:00-4:00


What will instruction look like?

Every student will have 4 days of synchronous instruction each week.

Instruction will be a concurrent model which means that a teacher will teach both in person and virtual students at the same time.

Classrooms are being outfitted with tech upgrades that will allow a teacher to instruct the students physically in the classroom and those tuning in virtually at the same time.

Each classroom will have a large display on which they will see the virtual students, an OWL recording device that will follow the teacher and allow virtual students to see the teacher and other students as they maneuver about the classroom, and the teachers will have a new chrome book that has a tablet function that will allow the teacher to move about the classroom.

 Teachers are participating in professional development courses and trainings to learn and practice best teaching methods to use in a concurrent learning classroom.

Students attending in person as part of the hybrid program should still plan to bring their chromebooks each day and Canvas will continue to be our learning management system.

What health mitigation strategies will be implemented?

Work is underway to finalize our practices and prepare the building for our student return.

A procedure is in place to have each desk cleaned with our Oxivir disinfectant spray at the end of each class prior to another student entering. We will continue to have ongoing daily and evening cleaning and twice a week electrostatic disinfecting.

Students will navigate the building in an orderly, spaced out pattern, some stairwells will be dedicated to one direction traffic flow. Staff members will be stationed throughout to keep traffic flowing and signage, floor stickers, and disinfecting stations will be set up throughout the building.

Bathrooms will have a staff monitor outside and will allow in a limited number of students at once. Sinks are all in current working condition and signage to remind students to wash hands is posted in each location.

Lunches will be delivered to the classroom and the desk areas will be cleaned both before and after eating.

Each classroom has  been outfitted with an air filtration unit, hand sanitizer, and excess furniture has been removed to help facilitate social distancing between students.

Arrival (both bus riders and car riders) will have temperatures checked upon entrance.

Students will not utilize lockers, this will prevent crowding in the hallways. Backpacks will be allowed.


Additional information will be shared that is directly related to Physical Education and our band and orchestra courses. 

*Please check back to this page often, it grows as our work is finalized and new questions and considerations are posed. The information here is not all inclusive but a snapshot of the hybrid return plan for RTMS.