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Lifetouch picture message

From Lifetouch:
We are currently in the process of creating a plan for the distribution of spring pictures.  Until the buildings reopen, we are basically at a stand still.
Some jobs shipped and made it to schools before they closed.  Jobs in the midst of being shipped that were unable to be delivered were returned to our lab.  As soon as the first round of closures were announced, we halted shipments to schools and rerouted them to our office.
We currently have over 200 boxes of pictures at our local office.  We are working on inventorying what we have.  The lab has since shut down and any job in production at that time will not be processed until the lab reopens.  Since your picture day was 3/11 and the cancellations began the next week, I am pretty sure your job is in the category of being stuck at the lab.
Rest assured our top priority is getting any prepaid pictures (groups and / or individuals) to the schools and the parents.  We will get them what we owe them.   Unfortunately at this time, I am unable to provide a timeline.
I will keep you posted as we move forward and  I have any additional information to share.

Thanks.  Be safe & stay healthy =)