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State Librarian of the Year

Stafford County Public Schools is pleased to announce that Nathan Sekinger of T. Benton Gayle Middle School has been named as the State Librarian of The Year by the Virginia Association of School Librarians (VAASL).

Mr. Sekinger is a national board certified school librarian who also teaches English at Germanna Community College. While teaching students from elementary through college level, Mr. Sekinger believes the library is a center of innovation and discovery. He maintains a welcoming library environment where students and staff have access to many resources. He encourages everyone who visits his library to explore ideas and content, and supports collaboration to help classroom connections and technology integration.

Mr. Sekinger is best known for his cutting edge leadership and work in turning his library into a true Makerspace. The maker movement focuses teaching and learning on student-centered inquiry. It is not about the project done at the end of a unit of student, but the actual vehicle and purpose of the learning. In one library project, student “makers” learned how to build working models of muscle groups in the human arm and leg. In another project, students learned about and grew hydroponic plants. His library is far more than books on shelves. It is a learning laboratory for students.

The VAASL says Mr. Sekinger “is a strong leader, instructional partner, teacher, information specialist, and program administrator. Trained in multiple areas of coding, he is known for loving and facilitating project-based learning in the T. Benton Gayle Middle School library as well as offering coding maker
workshops before, during, and after school and even in the summer.“

His exemplary service to fulfill the needs of students and school community, effectively integrate library services with curricula, and demonstrate student engagement is an asset to our community.