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Bring your Legislator to School

Jennifer Carroll Foy and Jack Cavalier Visit

Dr. Kizner and visitors

Dr. Sarah Chase and Jennifer Carroll Foy in Classroom

Jack Cavalier, Dr. Sarah Chase, Pamela Yeung, Jennifer Carroll Foy, Dr. Kizner and students

Jennifer Carroll Foy with students

Jennifer Carroll Foy with students

Jack Cavalier with student

Pamela Yeung with students

Dr. Kizner with students


Mark Cole Visit

Classroom Visit

Dr. Kizner, Pamela Yeung, Mark Cole

Mark Cole, Dr. Kizner, Scott Elchenko

Dr. Sarah Chase with students

Holly Hazard with student

Dr. Kizner, Holly Hazard, Dr. Sarah Chase, Alissa Fraiser,Delegate Mark Cole, Ccott Elchenko, Pamela Yeung

Bob Thomas Visit 

View photos from our first Bring Your Legislator to School event with Delegate Bob Thomas.

Legislator visit

Dr. Kizner, Dr. Sarah Chase, Delegate Bob Thomas, Mike Sidebotham

Discussion in classroom

Dr. Kizner with students

Dr. Chase and Mike with students