Senior meetings letter

Senior Meetings Letter from Mrs. Smiley-Ingalls

September 15, 2020

Hello Seniors and Families of the Class of 2021!
Now that school is underway your  Counseling staff looks forward to turning our attention to the all important individual meetings with Seniors. These meetings are designed to review and document all requirements for graduation, and review important processes and planning to help students meet their post-high school goals; whether college, employment or military.
We will be conducting these meetings through Google Meet, and students may select a time of their choosing by clicking the link below to their counselor's calendar. Meetings will not be scheduled during synchronous instruction.
Jessica Wood   A - Cha - Mrs. Wood's Senior Meetings
Sandra Gardella-Cherry   Gar - La - Mrs. Gardella-Cherry's Senior Meetings
Ryan Braun   Le - Park - Mr. Braun's Senior Meetings
Barbara Smiley-Ingalls    Parker - She - Mrs. Smiley-Ingalls' Senior Meetings
Carol Mayer    Che - Gaq - Mrs. Mayer's Senior Meetings
Sonya Smith     Shi - Z - Mrs. Smith Senior Meetings
We are also beginning Virtual College Visits next week.  The visiting colleges are listed in Naviance and on the Counseling Calendar at the bottom of the Counseling Home page.  Registrations are done by clicking on the registration link in Naviance.  A link to the meeting will appear 15 minutes prior to the event, and students should receive a reminder from Naviance 24 hours ahead of time. 
* Seniors:  Please be mindful of not double-booking yourselves.  If you have scheduled tutoring time on a Monday for example, work the other  meetings in around that obligation. 
Transcript Option - We want our families to be aware of the option to suppress SAT scores on student transcripts, if desired. Please note that we always indicate that test scores are not provided by the school since they must be sent from the CollegeBoard or ACT to be official.  However, with more colleges going to score optional admissions, it is possible that families would rather these be removed.  We do not believe this to be highly consequential for students. If you are applying under score optional reporting to a college, the fact that an SAT score is printed on your transcript should not make a difference to Admissions. However, we share the process here for families that are inclined to make  this change, which is permanent for the students' career at North Stafford. The process:

Parents, guardians, or others having legal control or charge of a
student must submit a written request to the school.  This request
must be signed and dated by the parent/guardian and a school
administrator. The parent/guardian will be provided a copy of this
co-signed and dated request. Exclusion of the SAT and/or ACT scores shall begin no later than 30 calendar days after date of the co-signed request.

This process must be repeated should the school of attendance change
after the initial request.



Barbara Smiley-Ingalls, M. Ed

Counseling Director