Week of 12/3-12/7

Here are the topics of focus in 3rd grade this week!

Math: balancing equations and 4 digit computation

  • Balancing equations: What does the equal sign mean? How can we make an equation balanced?
    • Examples: 5 + 6 = ___ + 9 or ___ - 6 = 8 + 12
  • 4 digit computation: Students need to be able to add and subtract 4 digit numbers with and without regrouping.
    • Examples: 7,345 - 3,828 = ? and 6,029 + 1,483 = ?

Reading: summarizing fiction and nonfiction

  • As students are reading with you each night, ask them to summarize the events in the story. 
  • When reading nonfiction, students need to be able to retell the important information and details.
  • We also use the song "Somebody Wanted Something But, So, Then What?" to help us summarize!

Grammar: apostrophes

  • Apostrophes are used for possessive nouns - we are working on the difference between singular and plural possessive nouns
  • Apostrophes are also used for contractions, such as the words don't, can't, and shouldn't

Social Studies: Ancient Egypt

  • Contributions include; architecture (pyramids), writing (hieroglyphics), and inventions (the clock, 365 day calendar, and paper)
  • Egypt is located in Africa and the civilization was built along the Nile River
  • The climate of ancient Egypt is hot and dry, so the Egyptians adapted by living along the Nile River and irrigating the land for their crops
  • Egypt has also changed over time and modern Egypt is very different than ancient Egypt