Film Club meeting

 Film club meeting will be held Tuesday, Sept 18 at 3-5 PM. Please have a ride at 5PM. 


Permission slips are available at the front office and in Mr. Long's room.

The film club will be having a bake sale sometime in October, however the date is uncertain. We are hoping for parents to donate baked goods.

Also students will need:

Troy Lanier's book "Filmmaking for Teens"

Something to shoot video with (cell phone, camera, etc)



We are requesting that parents volunteer in one way or another. Please e-mail Mr. Long with your ideas and suggestions on how to make film club a community oriented activity.

We are asking students that want to participate in the Honors Film Academy to make a minimum donation/dues this year. Also all film academy members will be required to write an essay or create a 2 minute video by addressing the question-" Why I want to be a part of the Honors Film Academy"