Graduation Dress Code

Graduation Dress Code:


MALES:  must wear black dress pants (no denim); white or black button collared shirt; solid black tie or solid black bow tie; solid black socks, and solid black dress shoes (absolutely no flip flops, tennis shoes, boots, or crocs).


FEMALES:  must wear solid black dress; solid black dress skirt or solid black pants. If wearing skirt or pants, may wear black or white blouse/button-down dress shirt. Solid black shoes (no flip flops, tennis shoes, boots or crocs).


The only awards worn in full graduation attire are those issued by Stafford High School. There will be no mail ordered awards approved.  Some outside organizations may deem you an “honor graduate” in order to get you to buy or wear their product, these are NOT allowed.  Stafford High School will distribute all honor regalia that may be worn.