"She Kills Monster" Cast List

"She Kills Monsters" Cast List Announcement

She Kills Monsters

You all have waited very patiently, and I am happy to announce that we have come to a decision on the casting! This was a very tough decision, but I feel confident that Ms. Cover-Tucci and myself have made the right call. Please join me in congratulating the followings actors:

“She Kills Monsters” Cast List

Agnes- Katherine Nguyen

Tilly- Mikayla Vinson

Chuck- Zenix Clark

Miles- Isaiah Clayton

Kaliope/Kelly- Kylie Metheny

Lilith/Lilly- LJ Bronson

Vera- Charlotte Vorder Bruegge

Beholder/Other Monsters- Matthew Stoeter

Evil Gabby- Lilie Donald

Evil Tina- Arin Snead

Farrah The Faerie- Madi Davis

Steve- Austin Fortier

Orcus/Ronnie- Nathan Morrison

Monster and U/s- Blake Broxton

Monster and U/s- Sienna Brittain

Monster and U/s- Abigail Cook-Robinson

Congratulations to everyone who was cast and thank you to everyone who auditioned! Actors- Our first rehearsal will be tomorrow 8/30 starting at 3:40 pm after school until 4:40! All actors, including understudies, should plan to attend. If you are unable, please let Mr. Salley know as soon as possible. Thank you!!

If you were not cast, thank you again!! I highly encourage you to look out for our Crew Applications to join the Tech Crew! Those applications will be posted Monday (8/30) now that the cast list has officially gone out!