SHS Parking Permit Information

SHS Parking Permit Information

Posted: UPDATED: Wednesday, September 6, 2023

There has been an update regarding parking. We need a completed VDOE High School Parking Pass Application along with the Parking Permit Application and the Student Parking Google Form prior to receiveing your parking permit

Prior to receiving your parking pass, remember:

  • Students must have their hard or paper copy license (we will not be accepting permits), car registration, and proof of insurance (must be a current copy - expired cards will not be accepted). Staff members will also be checking for parent/guardian signatures.
  • All current and past dues/debts must be paid in advance before receiving your decal. You can pay your current class dues by credit/debt card through our Online Payment System or by cash or checks in person.
  • Students must pay a $75 parking decal fee. (Cash or checks only; checks made payable to SHS). Please include printed address and phone number on the check.

If you have any questions regarding parking passes, please contact Mr. Dodd or Ms. Abel in Athletics and Activities.