Student Parking Information

Student Parking Information

Posted: Monday, July 18, 2022 (UPDATED August 4, 2022)

In order for students to receive a parking permit, they must fully complete the Parking Permit Application (hard copy) and the Student Parking Google Form prior to receiving a parking permit. Students can get a parking permit from Mrs. Able in Athletics.

Prior to receiving your parking pass, we will be:
-Checking Paperwork - students must have their hard or paper copy license (we will not be accepting permits), car registration, and proof of insurance (must be a current copy - expired cards will not be accepted). We will also be checking for parent/guardian signatures.

-Checking Dues/Debts - all current and past dues/debts must be paid in advance before receiving your decal.

-Students must pay a $75 parking decal fee. (Cash or checks; checks made payable to SHS). Please include printed address and phone number on the check.

-Students will use the provided map to pick their parking spot. Students will not be allowed to switch parking spots once they are assigned. Please choose wisely!