What-If Grade Calculators

Use the final grade calculators to create a "What-If" scenario for your final grades. First, complete the top-most grade calculator as this is what a traditional school year looks like.  Next, complete the subsequent grade calculator based on your course where you may be exempt from taking a final exam.  You will then be able to make a comparison of how much your grade will increase by with choosing to take the final exam. Enter your grades only in the yellow boxes below, entering the correct grade as it corresponds with the correct grade bucket above it and what is displayed in StudentVUE.


If your Semester 1 grade is less than a 50.0%, change the Quarter 1, Quarter 2, and Mid-Term Exam grade to 50.0% so that your Semester 1 grade averages to be 50.0%, per the Stafford County Public Schools Semester 1 Grade Policy.  All students will receive a minimum of 50.0% for Semester 1.  This is manually done by your teacher.  If you do not have at least a 50% at Semester 1, please notify your teacher.


If a grade bucket is unknown or has not happened yet, enter "100" or a "What-If" score.  Please note that this final grade calculator should only be used as a reference only.


For your actual final grade in a course, please reference your StudentVUE account.

What-If Final Grade Calculator.xlsx, 228.99 KB; (Last Modified on January 8, 2018)