The Mountain View High School Wildcat Battalion CyberPatriot teams had an outstanding season this year.  By making it to the gold tier semifinals of the all services division, the Scarlet and Gold teams both finished in the top 25% of over 1,250 teams. Among all Marine Corps JROTC gold tier teams, the Wildcat Scarlet and Gold teams finished 1st and 2nd place respectively in the state of Virginia and 3rd and 4th place respectively amont all Gold Tier MCJROTC programs nationwide. The Scarlet team was made up of Cadets Sierra Barbee (Captain), Meghan Brown, William Hayes,              Marlinda Hofferek, Leah Kheir, and Marian Rempola. The Gold team was made up of Cadets Aily Barrera, Angie Barrera, Conner Blaisdell,        Nathaniel Paredes (Captain), Angelina Perez, and Kassandra Williams.  Congratulations Wildcats!


On January 25th the Wildcat Battalion Drill team placed 3rd overall at a drill meet in Reading, Pennsylvania.  The Armed Exhibition Drill Platoon led by Christopher Kushner finished in 2nd place and the first year squad led by Kassandra Williams took 1st.  Individual standouts in the unarmed knockout were Sydney Jo Smith who finished in 10th place, Devrian Royer 9th, Zachary Johnson 3rd and Dominic Richmond 2nd out of close to 200 JROTC cadets.  Individual standouts in the armed knockout were Sierra Barbee who finished in 7th place, Nathaniel Paredes 6th, Ethan Knight 5th, Christopher Kushner 4th, Dominic Richmond 2nd and Jesse Scott was awarded 1st place out of approximately 100 cadets.  Cadet Jesse Scott was also awarded the 1st place Armed Commander's trophy for his excellent performance leading the Armed Regulation Drill Platoon.

Congratulations Cadets!


On December 14th the Wildcat Battalion's first year drill team cadets competed at Snow Hill High School in Maryland.  The first year armed squad led by Cadet Dallas Bowling took second place. The unarmed squad led by Cadet Kassandra Williams and the first year inspection squad led by Cadet Riley Smith both took first place.  Overall, the first year drill cadets placed first among nine high schools.  Individual standouts were Cadet Caroline Bastion, Cadet Michael Hurd, Cadet Brian Castleberry who placed 5th, 4th and 1st place. 

Congratulations Wildcats!