About Our Renaissance Releases

Our Renaissance Releases below showcase our high school's signature events in a newsletter format that encapsulate the meaning of being a Jostens Renaissance school.  As a Jostens Renaissance school, we strive to build connectings with our students, parents/guardians, and community that will last a lifetime!  Jostens Renaissance is a program that is built off of four pillars:  Respect, Recognition, Rewards, and Reinforcement.  When the four pillars are built, a fifth "R" appears, Results.


The Renaissance Releases below are a repository of all releases that have been disseminated to our school community and other third-parties.  The Renaissance Releases are saved as a PDF so that it fits the format of all devices viewing the content for easier readability, especially when you are on the go.


The Renaissance releases may be e-mailed to all of our parents/guardians through Blackboard ParentLink, pushed to the Stafford County PS mobile app, e-mailed to all of our students through their official school Google account (with Gmail), and posted on our official school Twitter and Facebook social media accounts.  In addition, the Renaissance releases may be shared with other third-parties to promote the signature events of our high school.