Yearbook Information for Seniors

Good afternoon Seniors (and Parents)! This email contains updated information about our Yearbook!

Senior Ads: To order your senior ad, you will have to complete it online. Please go to and use the code 13338 OR enter our school name. From there you can create your senior's ad. If you need help, there are skilled tech people who can guide you, who specifically work with parents to make these ads! Just call 866-287-3096 to get them on the phone. Senior ad deadline is January 15, 2021.

Ordering Your Yearbook Now!  You can order the yearbook at and get your book reserved today! The cost is $60 for the book, so make sure you grab it!  and use the code 13338 OR enter our school name to access.

Latest Information!  Check out any news, links, or contact information regarding photos and all things yearbook here:

We're asking YOU for help! You can submit photos for possible inclusion in the yearbook! Go to and use the school code: wildcats2021 to upload photos of your Wildcat student(s)! Make sure the code is in all lowercase letters, or it will not work. We're going to feature a mix of photos from last and this year, and we would love to see what you have. Some ideas we need photos of: school spirit at home, throwback to 9th grade (for seniors only), friends, seniors at work at their jobs, Pets of the Pride, athletes, hobbies, student trends (fashion, music, dances, etc.), being creative, and doing school virtually!  Please be sure to give a description, as that will help us place the photo in the right spot in the book!

As always, if you need to contact us or have a question, don't hesitate to reach out to our yearbook sponsor, Mrs. Riner.   Her email is