Course Registration Information (message dated 1/7/2021)

Good afternoon Parents - It is hard to believe but it is time for our 9th, 10th, and 11th graders to begin class registration for next year.

Counselors will begin the registration process for the 2021-22 school year starting on January 11th. During this time each counselor will meet individually with their students  through their fall semester and yearlong PE 9, PE 10 and English 11 classes (after the SOL test). Prior to individual meetings, students will be assigned an asynchronous assignment by their PE or English teacher. This assignment will require students to complete a google form to select electives . After electives have been selected, counselors will meet individually with their students to discuss core academic classes and to review the elective choices.
These meeting will be held virtually using Google Meet.

After the change of semester on February 2nd, counselors will meet with students in spring semester PE 9, PE10 and English 11 classes.  This registration process typically takes 6-8 weeks and should be completed before Spring Break .

Information regarding course options, travel applications as well as the program of studies can be found on the MVHS Counseling website.

Once registration for all students is complete, parents will be notified and will then have the opportunity to review course selection with their child through the ParentVue/StudentVue at that time.

If you have questions about the registration process please contact your child's counselor.

Students with -
Last name beginning with letters A - Cl - Mr. Loury -

Last name beginning with letters Co - Go - Mrs. Irizarry -

Last name beginning with letters Gr- Li - Mr. Carroll -

Last name beginning with letters Ll - Ne - Mrs. Hodges -

Last name beginning with letters Ng - Si - Mrs. Lopes -

Last name beginning with letters Sk - Z - Mrs. Finder -

Have a great afternoon,
J. Stemple